• Roque Gameiro: A Family of Artists
Centro Cultural de Cascais (Portugal)
January 13 - March 22, 2017

Alfredo Roque Gameiro, one of Portugal's leading watercolor painters, was also the "patriarch" of an extensive family of visual artists. The exhibit presented by the Centro Cultural de Cascais proposes an introduction to the so-called paint-brush tribe, focusing primarily on its first two generations: Alfredo Roque Gameiro, his five children and two sons-in-law married to his younger daughters.

The exhibit develops over four different sections. The first one, Family portraits, reflects the character of a family where drawing and painting were as natural as eating and conversing. This theme includes about 35 portraits, self-portraits, and simple sketches which document the daily life at the Roque Gameiro household.

The next two themes correspond to the painting medium that was at the origin of the Roque Gameiro collective oeuvre: watercolor painting. Watercolor: the sea and sea shore focuses on the theme that best epythomizes Alfredo Roque Gameiro's style, whereas Watercolor: indoor and outdoor scenes documents other themes covered by Alfredo and his children. This section of the exhibit offers an excellent opportunity to contract the different styles and approximations by different artists using the same medium and painting similar subjects.

The art corpus of the Roque Gameiro "clan" extends far beyond watercolor painting. The fourth section of the exhibit, This and that, illustrates the breath of artistic work by Roque Gameiro's children: oil and tempera painting, small illustrations and large panels, sculpture and cinema — these are some of the many areas of artistic exploration exhibited.